Better roster hold?


Larry fitz vs Corey Davis, its ugly and would much rather snag a better WR option

Fitz slightly. At least you know the talent is there even though he’s older. Corey Davis is a dumpster fire on a dumpster fire of an offense. Both aren’t great, but if it’s a deep league then I guess Fitz.

Who of interest is on the waiver?

I like Davis better, but at this point I’m all for dropping both. I would try to trade Fitz coming off of his TD this week

Waiver wire has g Alison / kearse (lol) / callaway / Robby Anderson / Snead / t smith

It ain’t great, ppr I typically go for volume receivers

I currently have Adams / k allen / Edelman / Corey Davis / m Goodwin

Forget the names. This is the year of the no names. I’d drop Fitz or Davis for T Smith (assuming that is the Saints WR) all day.

Give me Allison personally. Better offense and QB. That defense is awful too so Rodgers will have to sling it

based on this i would rather have Allison or Tre’quan Smith over those two. But I drafted both and right now i can’t believe i’m saying this but Fitz by a slight margin. I’m taking the change that the changes to the OC will help rather than the terrell pryor dumperter fire amari cooped his big boy pants that is the titans right now.

I’m with @Fins777 give me Geronimo of the guys listed on waivers. I think he’s built a nice chemistry with Rodgers & Green Bay’s offense as a whole is miles ahead of both Arizona & Tennessee.

But out of the two guys you were asking about, I’d rather have Corey Davis this season. I think the Titans have more of a shot to bounce back & become a decent offense than the Cardinals.

You guys advising Allison realize Cobb is back this week, correct?

Well I would think Allison is doing well but I have Adams so I have a part of the packers offense already I don’t think I would take Alison for that reasoning - and to the point someone was saying about ge new cardinals OC I was thinking that with that change they may actually get there offense running aka use Johnson and fitz correctly

I don’t think it makes a difference. I think Allison has become the #2 when Adams, Cobb, & Allison are all on the field (based on the Green Bay games I’ve seen so far this season)