Better season long backup QB: Fitpatrick or Darnold?

Kyler Murray is my starter. I also have Tua Tagovailoa. Not a lot of QBs left in my league but I could grab Fitz during tonight’s transactions. League is standard scoring. QB TDs equal 4 points. Thanks!

Do you need a season long backup? Your only going to play them during Murray’s bye-week, they’re never going to start over him, so why waste a bench slot? Just stream during his bye week and take a flier on a depth position

The challenge with our league is that there are very few QBs available. I could grab Fitz now and since I have TUA I’m locked in with Dolphins for bye and in the case of a Murray injury. Thanks for feedback.

In the same boat as you, play in a 2QB league where the only QBs left are Haskins, Darnold, Daniel Jones, and i was stuck with Wentz and Cousins, I’d definitely go with Fitz, he might be more of a risk but he’s got a way higher ceiling than Darnold

Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!