Better set of Keepers?

12 team. Full PPR. 3 Keeper league. Cant keep 2 at the same position.

Player A: Lamar, Zeke, Kelce

Player B: Saquon, Julio, Ertz

if you could elaborate on your selection that would be much appreciated

Both look great but I think with wr depth you take Lamar Zeke, Kelce. Grab another rb in the 4th and you’ll have awesome receiver options left without having to worry about qb/te.

i think team A as well. You can set and forget both QB and TE and both are tier 1 in their respective positions, plus an RB1. Just draft RB’s and WR’s the whole draft and you’ll be set

interesting. Well ironically, team A is the man who won the league last year. team B is me. I placed 6

Both sets of players are loaded with talent so your not hurting in that respect, it’s just a matter of draft strategy. You’ll still need to use a draft pick on a QB and i fear your TE is on the decline (just my thoughts ik he’s still highly ranked). Where he can focus soley on the RB and WR position comfortably the whole draft.

Well my keepers before my trades this week were OJ howard, Saquon, and Keenan Allen/Ridley. So ive upgraded as is