Better Stash Jamaal Williams or Rashad Penny

Which player is a better stash in my 14 man league? I just made a trade and have an open roster spot.

I want to say Penny just based on potential alone. He had 9-49 last game. Williams looks like he is running in quicksand and has never had fantasy value except when he was the lone healthy back in the backfield. Penny has lost about 12 lbs after reporting at 240 lbs. Carson is already banged up but Davis is still there and the line sucks.

Lol, I agree with the above. Neither is a great stash IMO but I’ll reluctantly say Penny. More upside with him for sure

Neither is likely to do much this year, but I’d have to say Penny too. I think we’ve seen what Williams will do, which is not much, even when he had opportunity without Aaron Jones there. At least with Penny there is the potential of talent even though the opportunity is probably limited with Carson & Davis ahead of him.

Also have fun with Giddy Pete Carroll putting a positive spin on everything from playing time to injury reports. Everyone thought it was Pennys start last week and he produced in his limited touches, but Davis ends up putting up a stat line that could win you a week.