Better Stash, Lockett or Amendola?

I’ve got Amendola on the pine right now with Jordy Nelson and Allen Hurns. Do I dump Amendola in favor of Lockett?

Full point ppr, if that matters

My opinion; Lockette just signed a multi year deal in Seattle with Russel Wilson slinging him the ball as the #2 guy. Plus, Baldwin came out and admitted that his knee is going to be an issue all year.

Amendola signed with the dolphins with, wait for it…Ryan freaking Tannehill slinging the ball.

There’s a lot of question marks surrounding dolphins players, where as at least you have stability in Seattle.

I’d go Lockett.

This also coming from someone else who signed Lockett in one of the last rounds haha.

Good luck bro

Yeah, I agree. I have zero confidence in Tannehill and I think Lockett has a ton of potential upside. Plus, I happen to have Wilson on that team, so bonus.

Lockette. I don’t even consider Amendola particularly rosterable except in deep PPR leagues.