Better Stash? Pick Three!

C. Ivory, R. Jones, N. Chubb, M. Mack, D. Foreman

I’m taking Chubb from that bunch.

Just hoping for a lottery ticket scenario… Would go Jones, Chubb, Foreman… Mack too many cooks in the kitchen and Ivory isn’t much on that Buf O even if McCoy leaves

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@Caveman45 pick 3!

@Justahermit Yeah just looking for homerun guys really


Ivory has Mccoy in the way, Chubb isn’t getting enough touches at the moment for me to want him on my bench, Mack is way too inconsistent, and Foreman is coming off an achilles injury, if kobe can’t recover from that i don’t trust foreman too

Ronald jones, ivory and chubb

Out of all those backs which one is for sure a drop?

Of those I’d probably drop Ivory. As much as Buf plays from behind I’d want Murphy vs Ivory if McCoy does leave.

Thats a hard one, I would say Ivory at the current moment, the trade line is october 30 so you still have a lot of time to pick him up just in case shady does get traded

Thank you guys!

R. Jones has the most immediate shot at relevance, so I pick him up and can drop him depending on this weekends performance/usage. mack also has this early opportunity, but I jsut don’t see enough upside to be worth it. If Chubb, Foreman, and Ivory all get starting gigs, I would want Chubb most, then Foreman, then Ivory. So I guess I would prioritize 1. Jones 2. Chubb, 3. Foreman 4. Ivory 5. Mack

@zdhaugen Yeah not expecting much if any of these guys can get the job RBs are so valuable (Even crappy ones) I’m stashing alot of these guys

I honestly think Foreman is my favorite stash/ homerun pick out of the bunch, If the gets that starting role it could be very valuable and it seems like the Texans arent really a fan of Miller. I would go with Ivory and Jones as the other two.

@wally if it was any other injury I’d be excited that injury has very few comeback stories he is still worth a stash cause Blue and Miller been bleh

Ivory, Jones, Foreman. I want guys who could be workhorses. All 3 (If McCoy is traded) could keep lead rolls in the right scenario.

@Caveman45 @wally @zdhaugen @Fobbyp @Justahermit Hey Guys! Wondering how you all feel about the RB stashes now R. Jones, C. Ivory, N. Chubb, R. Penny which two you think our better stashes and which is number 1? I Know Mack is a must keep after that performance

In order Jones, Penny, Chubb, Ivory

To be honest I think they are all kinda in a similar bucket, it would probably take an injury or trade of the RB ahead of them to become super relevant. I would go Jones first because he probably has the best chance at becoming the starter eventually even though Barber actually had a decent game, after that i would go Penny, Chubb then Ivory (basically going by who is on the better offense)

@wally @Justahermit I have Kyle rudolph and OJ Howard is avaible you think I should roster two TE over any of these backs?