Better stash RB.... Foreman, Jones II, Ivory

After making a trade, I will have an open roster spot in a 12 team standard league. All three are available. Currently 5-0 with Gurley, Breida, Collins and Lewis.

As the resident ROJO hater, I think the better stash here is still ROJO out of the 3, at least for this week.

Going up against a poor ATL D, he has the best opportunity to break a big run and boost his value. If he has a good showing at all this week, I’m trading away for anything of value cause I still don’t believe he can make it in the NFL long term.

Foreman - Achilles injury, league worst O-line. Don’t touch him, it’s not worth it.

Ivory - you basically betting on McCoy getting traded away. If that doesn’t happen, he’s useless. And if McCoy traded, it def won’t be this week given Philly plays tonight so you have more time to make that speculative bet.

Awesome. Thank u. Jones it is.