Better Streamer... Fitzmagic or Flacco?

Whos the better Streaming option…

Fitzmagic vs CAR
Flacco vs PIT

Scoring= 1 point per 20 yards… 4 points per TD

Osweiler, Keenum and Mariota are the only other options on waivers and Im not feelin any of them

My instincts went straight to Fitz, but Flacco put up good numbers last time he played Pit, and this time will be at home. Both are good options I believe. Wouldn’t consider any of the others mentioned. I think I still lean Fitz for the excitement though. Higher upside if you need to put up big numbers for a win. Flacco could have a safer floor though, and is all but guaranteed to not get pulled in the middle of the game lol

Fitz could be better ROS though. Something to consider.

yeah I need to win this week and i wanna play Fitz but im terrified he has a tough start and they sit him 2nd half… Then im screwed lol… Flacco I see having a safe 18-22 points …

So naturally im torn lol