Better to Start in the Flex

Had this issue last week and went Cooks over Woods which ended better.

This week leaning Woods in a shootout but Cooks is the only viable WR they have. Who is the better start?

Russell Wilson


Javonte Williams

A.J Brown

Probably Cooks until I see something from Woods.

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Yeah just leery against that D and the rookie QB he won’t have great night

Woods has started slowly but I like his consistency while Cooks will be boom/bust with a rookie QB. TB D-line will shut down any ground game so I suspect the gamescript will benefit Woods.

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The wildest stat line I’ve heard this season is about Cooks
through 2 games he has 21 targets which is more than the rest of the Texans Wr’s combined.
Last week he had 11 targets while the rest of the Wr’s had at most 1 target each.
Cooks is the guy in Houston at least for now, like you mentioned Im worried this is gonna be a blowout. But I really do view Cooks to this new Texans team as Hopkins was to them before Watson. Hopkins always had a different low tier QB and he consistently put up 1000 yard seasons year in and year out. This might not be the best week for Cooks but I dont see him as boom or bust I see him as the only target in Houston who will see enough volume for a safe floor.
Once more Wr’s seem to get involved I’ll adjust my view but thats just my takeaway on the Texans situation.

Cooks was actually targeted more by Davis Mills than by Tyrod last game, which means dam near all of his production was with Mills behind center.


Yeah he is getting a tonne of targets for sure. I have scored 144 and 143 points first 2 weeks but I am 0-2.

Just don’t want to start the week off bad but coin flip I guess.

Well if you do start cooks the footballers say to start him in your wr not the flex, I’ve never had this be relevant so can’t speak on it necessarily but thought I’d bring it up.
Thursday night games have been surprisingly good this year but worse case scenario a blowout you always have garbage time that might pop up. The TB game will probably be a shootout however so you always have that going for woods, he also got a fair amount of targets last week too so that might continue or he drops somewhere between 4-9 (week 1 and week 2 targets respectively) So definitely weary about Cooks this week but he seems to be the only guy down there.

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Thanks…Tough call this week