Better WR ROS - AB or Deebo?

In PPR scoring.

My heart says AB but my head says Deebo. Avoiding injury, Deebo is primed with a way better setup as the clear WR1 (or WR1a/b with Kittle) in a good offense. AB looks legit but he’s got way more competition for targets

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Yeah, these are my thoughts as well. I’m looking to partner one of them with Ty’son for trade offer. My heart wants to keep AB, but I feel like there is WAY more competition for targets in TB. But then, I have my doubts regarding Deebo staying healthy.

Gosh that’s a tough one. Who would you be receiving?

I’m putting the offer together for Zeke.

I sort of agree with caroll, my heart says AB but there is a lot of competition there. However, AB has a pretty good relationship with Brady, he stayed at his house at one point, iirc Tom was one of the loudest voices in the pats signing ab and I imagine TB too but im not sure there. So I feel like its gonna be pretty close by the end of the season.

I support your zeke trade efforts tho I feel like thats a good offer

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We gotta break down this whole situation, because @Tenzuuh makes great points as well.

Who are your other WR’s?

My WRs are Kupp, Moore, AB, Deebo, Mooney, Gabe Davis, Osborn. My RBs are Najee, Swift, Damien Harris, Ty’son, Conner. It’s a 3 Flex league.

I’m going trade AB final answer. Although it could really be left to a coin toss

I think the person I’m potentially trading with is more likely to accept with AB involved, so I think that’s what I’ll go with.

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