Better year, Mixon or Drake

I can keep Mixon with a 4th round pick or Drake with a 15th round pick (first year of keeper, can only keep guys for 3 years). Standard 10 teams.

My other keepers will be Hunt and Adams, with an additional 4th round pick if I do keep Mixon.

I’m torn with Drake’s value, and would hope to get Mixon 2nd round if I don’t keep him.
If Mixon does have a breakout year then keeping him 4th round would be a steal. If Drake has a big year and I let him go with 15th round value I would be chapped as well.

What do you guys think the better keep is?

In mock drafts based on who will be kept in my league, it’s a toss up if Mixon makes it to me in the 2nd round. Am I over-valuing him this year?? Or is he worth giving up Drake for.


Mixon all the way he’s worth it


An Arian Foster - type finish to an season. He’s ready, enjoy!:

Mixon, easily. Drake will be probably be solid, but compare situations. Mixon’s the guy in Cincy, even with Gio there. Drake has Frank Gore to vulture touchdowns like he’s Mike Tolbert.