Big Ben and David Johnson for Kenyan Drake?

2 QB league. My other QB is Dak but my only other startable RB is David Montgomery

My other QB is David Carr

I feel like this move effectively plants a big flag on Drake as your “my guy” going forward. I’m not ready to do that, but I could see how some would. I like Ben and DaJo ROS too much to say Drake’s ROS value will eclipse both. With that said, if you are desperate for a RB upgrade, Drake is better than yours. I just think you’re giving up depth during a season where flexibility and depth of position will likely win your league. Right now, if the Cowboys miss a a week or two with positive cases, you still have Ben and Derek in a 2 QB league. If you trade Ben, you have Derek and whatever’s left of waivers in a two QB league. That’s rough…

That’s what I was thinking, just wanted some reassurance. Thanks!