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Big Ben and Kelce for Wentz and Ertz?


12 team .5 PPR.

I’d be giving up Ben and Kelce. Probably will be throwing Rob Kelley in there because he has no depth at RB. Ertz and Kelce are about equal to me, and Wentz is playing so well right now that it’s be an upgrade. Wentz will also be insurance if Luck doesn’t come back, as he’s currently in my IR. Kelley is nothing but maybe a bye week fill in for me.

Worth it?


I’d say so. No faith in Big Ben rest of season, and Wentz has looked like a star. That would be a solid stack. Plus Ertz is the main guy to throw to in Philly. Kelce shares the spotlight with Hill and Hunt


With Kelce currently in concussion protocol, ABSOLUTELY do this. Ertz is more consistent anyway. Plus, you can take advantage of a Wentz/Ertz stack for double-upside when they connect for a TD.

I’d try to hold Kelley if you can. He’s still a starting RB on a good offense whenever he gets back from injury. But if that’s a requirement for the trade, I’d still do it.


Kelley is valuable, but I’ve got Melv Gordon, Freeman, and Fournette. He’s not seeing my starting lineup barring injury.


I say pull the trigger. Your depth is incredible at RB


Do it ASAP