Big Ben, Dalton, Winston, Baker

ROS streamers - pick 2 to rotate in and out of your line-up

Big Ben is not really a streamer to me per say. I would take him and Winston. Both have decent schedules, great weapons, adn will need to throw the ball a ton.

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This week Dalton or Winston

I love Winston this week as def top 10 option.

Have Dalton and Big Ben on the roster - Winston sitting out on Waivers - do I make a move to pick up Winston by dropping steady eddy Big Ben? I like the match ups streaming Winston and Dalton ROS until Big Ben’s week 15/16 match ups for playoffs. What’s y’alls opinions?

The point of “streaming” is so you don’t have to roster 2 QBs. Streaming by rostering 2 QBs completely defeats the purpose of the strategy and removes your roster advantage. None of these guys are really season long plays IMO with the exception of maybe winston. Other than that, I’d say take Dalton for the next 2 weeks, then drop him when it’s his bye and pick up baker. And then drop him once his good slate ends and grab whoever is good then. If Big ben is at home, play him. If he’s on a road, fade him.

Those are the general rules I’d play bye.

You’re not bullish on Winston ROS? I’m considering a permastart situation with him. So many passing tools, so little run game and defense.

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I’m cautiously bullish. But I play in very diff scoring formats. I play in 6 pt passing and -3 or -4 per int in most of my leagues, a lot of which are superflex.

If you play in the more standard 4/-1 or 6/-1 leagues, than Winston could very well be your ROS starter.

But that’s why I said none of these guys are ROS holds except for maybe Winston. He’s the only one I would consider as a ROS QB. Racks up a tonne of yards per game.

I’m thinking the same thing with Winston and I already have TB12. I’m considering shipping one out as part of a package for an upgrade at RB or WR

Our league has crazy multipliers. If a QB hits 300 yard they’re +10 and another +10 for 400 yards. Our top end QBs are scoring 50+ points a week. I neglected QB in draft (drafted Wilson in the 7th) and it almost killed me in the league. Traded around for Cousins then picked up Winston off waivers. QB play is critical in our scoring format. Very excited about Winston.

I have yardage bonuses in my league as well but it’s a superflex so all QBs are owned no matter what. I think the multipliers you’re saying there are just a bit too crazy. I’m commish of mine and I do the following bonuses:

300 yards: 3 points
400 yards: 4 points
500 yards: 5 points

Then I have yardage bonuses on the RBs/WRs as well.

In your league format, value of Winston definitely goes up quite a bit and is a ROS starter in my eyes. He averaged like 315 yards a game last year so you basically get 2+ TDs in your scoring format.

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Yeah I think it should be +5 for 300 and +10 for 400. I like the multipliers though. Puts more value on high ceiling players. 1 or 2 yards by a single player can be a huge swing. Our top scorers go for 200-250 a week.