Big Ben / Jimmy G / Tannehil - 4pt TD

Swapped out Stafford for Big Ben last week and it played out well, just looking over waivers to see if there is a better streaming option out there for this week. (also have diontae johnson in the flex - full ppr)

Tannehill had a good game against Denver last week, will Big Ben have similar success??

Jimmy G against the NYJ looks tasty if Kittle can suit up.

Rivers threw 2 pics last week, and take those away, he had a solid game against the Jags, you trust Tannehill more than Rivers?

either ben or Tannehill. I see the Steelers game have more points so Id go there

nice, thanks for the input. im leaning keeping Big Ben this week, looked good last week.

Right side of the o line is gonna be new for big Ben, that impact any assessment of big ben? Denver sacked tannehill a ton last week, think they get to big Ben today?