Big Ben or Fitzmagic?

I need to outscore P. Barber by 18 points tonight. 4pt per TD, -2pt per int, -1pt per sack. Big Ben or Fitzmagic? I’m afraid this will be the week Fitz returns to the mean and that Ben is going to capitalize on a must win situation.

I have the same question. I need to put up 100pts tonight. I’ve got AB, Evans and OJ Howard. 6pts per TD Pass. Do I start Fitz or Big Ben?

Personally I start Ben. I think AB is going to blow up. But it’s a coin toss.

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I have the exact same decision. And my week is riding on it. I need 20 points to win.

I’m personally playing Fitz Magic. Big Ben on the road just blows. No easier way to put it. And Steelers have that swiss cheese defense right now.

Man I have same problem ! I’m ahead by 11 points in ppr 6 points passing tD . I have Godwin and Fitz or Ben . She has Evans .! But if she scores I score with Fitz yea ? Easy win or do I play ben aarrghhh???

I’d play Fitz to be safe. It negates her Evans cause every TD he scores you get. And every yard she gets, you get at least 40% of. Also if you score a TD to Godwin, it’s basically over. And there’s a high probability of that.

On the other hand, if you play big ben and he sucks and evans goes off, you can easily lose.

That is how I felt thanks ! #footclanprovides

Well, I was technically wrong given big ben crushed but what I said worked out lol. This happened exactly…