Big Ben or Jimmy G

Hey everyone. Week one of the playoffs im in a tight matchup. The guy im playing has AB and I have Big Ben. I was thinking about starting Jimmy G because i have a Goodwin Jimmy G stack and by doing that hoping big ben has a bad game which would mean AB would be.

What is your guys thoughts???
Please help!

not a bad strategy. I think you should be fine rolling with it. I see Ben having a decent game, possibly 2 TDs at home vs the Ravens. Idk how well Jimmy G will do, but it will payoff big time if your stack works. I say roll with the gamble, at least you wont be helping out your opponent.

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Depends on your team match ups to me. If you’re confident in your lineup over his, aside from Big Ben and AB, I’d use the match up to cancel out a potential blow up game from AB. If you need the upside to beat his line up I’d go with Jimmy G

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Keep in mind too that the Ravens who were just starting to be exploited in the passing game have now placed one of their cornerbacks on IR. I did that strategy last week and it helped a lot when i had Ben and they had AB. Jimmy is still in prove-it mode for me. Ben is playing at home too. Think Big Ben can have a Big day, not saying he will but its definitely a possibility.