Big Ben or Josh McCown - week 10

10 team league, 1QB. I’m 8-1 and have Alex Smith on bye this week. I picked up McCown from Waivers for $1, but I see Big Ben is sitting out there…

Big Ben against Indy
McCown against Tampa Bay??

Please help!

McCown is the safe play. I’m in the same boat as you and the only reason I’m considering Big Ben is because my opponent has A. Brown and QBs get 6 points off a TD, so I’d keep pace for the most part.

I had the same decision to pair with Kirk Cousins and I chose Ben. His schedule better complements Cousins and hoping Ben and the Steelers follow suit of improving in the second half. JuJu and getting Bryant straightened out should help. Ben’s toughest games left on the schedule (vs BAL, vs NE) are at home and he finishes at HOU.

McCowen has had a great season for certain and it was a tough decision. But he as a bye (not that big an issue since it lines up with Cousins vs NO) and then games against CAR, KC and at DEN. Ben’s schedule is easier… in fact, PIT has one of the easier ROS.

Thanks! But I’m just looking for a one week play since I’ll have Alex Smith back after the bye this week. Touch decision!!

McCown. By a fairly wide margin, amazingly.

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Fo one game only, I might be tempted to go with the hot hand and go with McCown.

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I’d go with Big Ben against ind… against Ind that is all I have to say.

I’d go McGowan remember it’s big Ben away. Heya actually could do well vs a really poor bugs team

I hear ya and that’s probably the only reason I’m considering him…but Tampa Bay is pretty horrific as of late too!

Yea that is true, i think youll be okay with either

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