Big Ben or King Goffrey Week 4

Hey guys! I’m looking at the Thursday game coming up and thinking about what Goff has done thus far, but its Minnesota. Still, it might be better than Big Ben against the Ravens.


if ben is home vs baltimore go ben

Yeah I think Ben. Even if it’s on the road. Look what they just did on the road against TB. Ravens D isn’t so good that Ben couldn’t have another 30+ point game.

Divisional matchups make me a bit worried. The AFC North might be the toughest too, because the Ravens and Bengals always up their level of play against the Steelers and these games turn into a shit show. The Rams have a great offense and the Vikings are going to be out Everson Griffen. The Rams have so many weapons and an elite defense so it’s hard for me to imagine them not putting up points. Last year Ben put up roughly 300yards and just under 2TDs per game against his division (which includes against the 0-16 Browns). I would expect something slightly above that here given how hot he’s been right now.

Goff seems safer, but Ben’s got blow up potential. I’d pick based on your opponent.

My opponent has has the most point each of the first three weeks (somehow). He’s projected 6 points higher without a defense at the moment (his CAR Defense on BYE this week). Upside is needed.

I’d take my shot with Ben then.

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