Big ben or lamar jackson... down big

I ran in to zeke and cooper on turkey day. Down my over 50 points need a big play

Holy crap. Ouch.
I’d be saying Ben all day but in your case you go Lamar. You want that huge upside.
You’ll get what maybe 300 and 2 TDs with BB as a floor…maybe! But you might get 85 rushing yards, 160 passing yards and maybe 2 TDs with Lamar…and that might be his floor.

Ben’s ability to throw 5 TDs in a game would be the upside play I’d roll with. We’ve seen him do it.

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…I’m hoping- I’m starting him.

Not to say I’m going back on what I said- I just don’t have the Lamar option.

Instead we got kickers throwing touchdown passes and Grimble pulling an ASJ robbing Ben of two tds.

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Roethlisberger throws for almost 500 yards and 1 TD. In my scoring system, he scored around 22 points.
I’m sticking with Big Ben rest of the year and not moving. He’s proven to be match proof.

…I did pick up Prescott in case something happens.

Luckily i stuck with Big ben got me 29… but since i face cooper and zeke im up by 23.5 facing miller and lewis and titans d… fingers crossed :-/

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Oh man, you gotta come back and post results. I’m pulling for you.
Get it!

Yea it didnt go well miller beat me on 6 carries lol