Big Ben or P Mahomes week 13?

Need help with this due to the matchups. I know Mahomes is considered “match up proof” but Big Ben should roll versus Oakland

I’d go Big Ben all day

I am in the same boat.
But if you look at ESPN standard scoring, its definetely QBs who have shitacular days, or they light up the ravens secondary.
Example: Carr, Mariota, Peterman/Allen(week 1), keenum All scored 10>pts.
Dalton Newton, Ben have all scored 25pts< against baltimore d.
Remaining games have all been 15-20pts.
Realistically where do you think mahomes falls here? Also Mahomes is 2nd for passing yards against the jags this year at 313 (Ben threw 314)

What i will say about this week is Mahomes has a ceiling maybe 25pts. (300 air yards, 3 passing td, 10 rushing yards)
The question is what do people see as Road Ben’s ceiling agsint raiders.

I think I stick with mahomes here

What I am thinking is Hunt made Mahomes job very easy to play action to. Now with what is going on these defenses can take chances on dbl coverying certain wideouts more effectively. Big Ben lost Conner as well this week so this is where I am torn

I would go Mahomes. I have him and will play him for the rest of season unless the Chiefs rest him at the end.

Big Ben at home = always money.

Big Ben has a great matchup, but Mahomes is the reason I’m in the playoffs and I just can’t bench him because of how great he has played all year

I don’t have Mahomes anywhere but I have Big Ben and he is NOT game proof but Mahomes is having a season for the books I’d personally play him until he proved me otherwise

Thanks for the advice guys! I know this is first world fantasy owner problems but could make or break the playoffs, thanks!