Big Ben or Winston?

Please help… I just snuck in thanks to #Footballers Podcast… I played Freeman tonight. I’m the Underdog so Big Ben or Jamis Winston? Oppt has Bell. Half PPR

Yeah I’ve been debating this one for a couple of days now and finally decided on big Ben. Was reading something today which said his home vs road splits are quite different. The article stated that every time since 2014 that Pitt faced Ravens at h he had put up 20+ points. As mentioned in the this podcast Jamis makes too many mistakes that could be costly. Also Jimmy Smith - Ravens cb - is now on IR. Smith was ranked 5th in the NFL at the position.

I think you’re right, I’m pretty much thinking the exact same thing. I’ve seen some of those more recent matches, and he does typically go crazy. JuJu is out… I’m also afraid of Winston getting hurt…