Big Ben thoughts

More info might be needed is it worth to hold onto Big Ben through bye? I would have to drop some of my stashes of d foreman, Hunter Henry (both on ir come back week 7) and L. Murray? Streaming options are somewhat available joe Flacco, Bortles, Keenum, Carr

Carr would be on bye too… I’d hold Ben if those are the streaming options. I’d be ok losing Murray at this point and Keenum vs Ari next week might be decent

So here is my dilemma see roster below. With foreman and Henry back I would have to drop 3 players.

Shop your mid tier talent and see if you can upgrade. Your stashes can’t be counted on to be better than what you’re starting now. Collins, Allison, D Thomas types are just depth and even if Hunter is something, outside of 1 week for a Gronk bye has no value to your team

I would drop Foreman to pickup a streamer. Because if those are the options on waivers and someone adds Big Ben, you would have to be okay with possibly starting one of those ugly options the rest of the season. Usually I agree with dropping a QB b/c the position is so deep, but I think this is an exception.

Don’t risk losing an actual starting QB for a very speculative add in Foreman/Murray. You don’t want to lose every week because your best option is Keenum or Carr. It looks like you might not even start one of those guys ROS based on your current RBs

In all honesty I don’t feel like I can start d Thomas or drop him. Thinking between Flacco and Bortles for week 7. Maybe I can package Thomas and Murray together for a trade

If you can package two players for a trade, that is even better, but just don’t drop Big Ben