Big Ben vs Baltimore def?

Starting Big Ben as they go against my own Baltimore defense? It’s the biggest dilemma… Andy and the guys mention Ben does tremendously well on home games. But that’ll just suck the points right out of my defense. However Baltimores defense has been performing well.

On a side note, the person I’m facing off this upcoming week for the quarterfinals also has Le’Veon Bell…

Any thoughts or opinions?

I never start a D against my own players. I also have Baltimore, but have a claim in on a couple alternatives (Cin, Hou, Gb in that order) for week 14. I don’t have any Steelers on my team, I just don’t trust Baltimore d in pittsburgh.
On a side note, my league scores low point totals very high - i’ve had multiple 30 point games with Baltimore. On the other side points against quickly turn into negative points. Bottom line, I look at the opponents ability to score points a lot more than I weigh the D’s ability to get sacks.

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I agree with Tim, I have both ben and the ravens and I don’t think it’s a good matchup for either. Find an alternative QB: rivers, keenum, mccowan, garoppolo and an alternate def: Dallas (sean lee is set to play this week and they are in playoff contention so I’m hedging on them having a good game), GB and Bengals (i’m not picking them up because I have howard on my team)

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Thanks for the opinion TimD427! I’ll definitely take that into consideration during waivers tonight. Best of luck to you!

Thanks for the additional input @km3112. I’ll take those streamers into consideration for waivers tonight! Especially McCown with the great match up this week.

I have Big Ben and he has been playing better at home. I think he will have similar numbers to the Monday game. I am considering streaming McCown over Ben because of how well the Jets have been performing recently as well.

I have the same exactly scenario:

I own Big Ben and Baltimore D
Going up against Bell

In my case, I had Bears D on the bench. I dropped them and picked up Gabbert. Right now I’m sitting with Gabbert and BAL D but honestly don’t feel great about any of these scenarios.

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