Big Ben vs. Jared Goff this week. Who do I start?

Big Ben @ Colts - favorable matchup but the Steelers could easily feed Bell 30+ carries and Big Ben could have a mediocre game due to gameplan.

Jared Goff vs HOU - Home game against a team that is sputtering on offense. Texans are ranked #1 against the run and close to dead last against the pass. Can he have another 4 TD game?

So, who should I start?

I think Goff is a great play this week. He’s better than many give him credit for. Ben will pass the ball though so I see him throwing some deep ones. Either team has pass catching backs as well so keep that in mind too with Gurley and Bell both being elite.

I like Goff this week as well. He’s got a higher upside and I feel like a safer floor then ben

Between theses two, I’d pick goff for this week.
I’m in a similar predicament.
I have Tom Brady and Jared goff. Jared goff should have an amazing game, but do I start him over Brady? Brady has had a few disappointing games this year, but he’s Tom Brady… hahaha

@jrtattoos I honestly feel like if there’s one week to sit Brady it’d be this one he hasn’t had the best history against Denver.

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