Big ben was dropped

I own wilson and actually just picked up rivers let him stay or scoop him up?

Ben over Russel.
Ben/PR makes a better tandem than wilson/rivers during playoffs.
I assume you are just starting 1 qb? is it standard league?

yea standard league 1 qb

I’d drop Russel and go with Rivers and Ben. If you want to hold 2 QBs.

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Ben gets NO week 16, rivers gets KC week 15.
You got playoff gold there. not sure how your weeks run though.

Yeah Ben and Rivers both have good end of season schedules, for sure pick him up and drop wilson

wilson and rivers is also a decent combo though, so if you have to use faab or priority then maybe not worth it!

Im sitting at priority 9 right now so if i scoop him up ill only drop 3 spots

Then yeah shoot for it, Having those two would be awesome.

I know all about “not carryin two QBs” but when it gets to this point you can get rid of certain guys and add others that have favorable matchups.
I use this

I’ve had stafford all year and he hasnt been too bad but i just dropped him after seeing what hes got coming

Ben and Rivers much better than Wilson this year. Wilson is a guy who has to throw 3-4 tds to have a good day this yera. He’s not getting yards rushing and only throwing like 20 times per game.