Big Big Trade Advice

Hi Clan

I need some advice on a prospective trade in my full PPR 12 man league (Single Flex)

I’m being offered:

Julio Jones
Dede Westbrook
Melvin Gordon
Titans D

For my:

Davante Adams
Davonte Freeman
Patriots D

I have depth in RB, but I need WR for now. My roster is

Aaron Rodgers
Jameis Winston
Davante Adams
Mike Williams
Sammy Watkins (All Hail the King)
Kerryon Johnson
Phillip Lindsey
Devonte Freeman
Mark Andrews
Hunter Henry
Pats D
Rams D

He has a few other pieces I like (Cole Beasley, Damien Williams) but idk if I should pull the trigger here for an upgrade on my WR1 and WR2

Currently 2-4 and the other guy is 0-6. Is he desperate here? Should I take this?

Don’t love it but I might take it if you believe Dede will continue to do better and will pick up when Foles returns. I’d probably rather have Gordon than Freeman also.

Yeah, I’d take it.

I’d take it. Julio, despite the meh performances recently, is a better WR, and Westbrook is solid, should only get better with Minshew improving/Foles return. Gordon can still show up as a RB1

Pats is obviously a loss, but their schedule gets tougher soon so we’ll see them decline.

Freeman is an RB2, so with your depth and Gordon potentially being a RB1 again, you win at WR and RB, while losing Def. Overall an upgrade

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking. If anything I was going to leverage Hunter Henry to get a better Defense like the Bills

Are we worried on Melvin Gordon though? That last game scared me. It’s like they don’t want to use him in passing downs anymore for protection

That’s why I wanted the upside of Dede. Should I ask him to switch the Titans D for Cole Beasley. I’m just worried of my bench being flooded with WRs

I don’t think it’s a bad trade, but I’m not sure if you’re gaining much for it. Melvin scares me with the Center out now, though Freeman isn’t much better. It’s really who you think is better ROS, Julio or Adams.

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naw I’d keep Titans, unless a good Def is on waivers. having WR depth is good for weekly matchups, or trades down the line should injury arise

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I’d say Julio, , Adams only had 1 big game so far. He’s also getting Dede who adds solid depth, and may only get better with Minshew developing/Foles coming back

That’s true. I’m just trying to capitalize on Freeman hitting his ceiling (I think) and Melvin at his floor right now (I hope) lol

Yeah, I mean the depth is good too. I think you can make the argument either way. I do think Freeman probably won’t be worth much more than he is now. If I was in your spot, I’d probably make the trade and hope Julio’s target share increases. They will have to pass a TON

This trade is super close, but I think I’d hold. Adams should be back sooner rather than later and unless you’re super bullish on Gordon, I’d rather the 3 RBs you have and play the matchups and waivers for my WR2 start

true, he wouldn’t really be at a loss taking or leaving. I’m just looking at his WR depth, and he could definitely use Dede imo. Would still leave him with 2 good RBs, plus a potential RB1, a WR1, and a solid WR2. Dede is really the thing tipping it for me.

Dede is definitely the kicker here. I just checked our waivers and there’s no usable WRs out there. Sammy is still irrelevant and Mike Williams’ usage is going down with Hunter Henry back

Should I be sneaky and wait for injury news on Adams to come out? Or is that despicable haha

nah, he’ll be back this week, plus he plays Oakland.

IMO: Julio > Adams, Gordon + Dede > Freeman (Gordan solo will probably end up over Freeman anyways I believe)

I believe that too, but what worries me is that upgrade worth the Pats D. It’s like letting go of an RB1

Keep in mind tho who they’ve played vs their upcoming schedule.

Starting week 9 they have:

@ Baltimore, Bye, @ Philly, Dallas, @ Houston, Kansas City.

They won’t maintain that 20+ ppg


We’ve agreed on a deal

I get Julio, Melvin, Ertz, and Dede

He gets Pat’s D, Freeman, Adams, and Mark Andrews

I feel like I won this trade right?

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I’d say so.

Julio > Adams

Melvin = Freeman

Ertz > Andrews (Andrews first 2 games were it, he’s been middling since then, Ertz is consistent)

Plus you get Dede, solid WR with upside

Lose Pats D which is a blow for now, but when they come down to earth with the upcoming schedule, won’t feel as bad

What Def options are out there?