Big Blockbuster Trade

I’d be trading:
Keenan Allen
Jordan Howard
Allen Robinson
Trey Burton

I’d be receiving:
Cooper Kupp
Aaron Jones
Dede Westbrook
George Kittle

This is for Dynasty, am I paying too much? I feel like Aaron Jones could be awesome and I think Kupp and Keenan is a wash and Kittle definitely over Burton.

Any help would be great!

I’d say you’re taking a slight hit losing Keenan for Kupp (this season and next), but longterm Kupp > Keenan Jones has a lot of potential and is exciting now that Ty is gone, but I think Howard’s value is an all time low so it’s difficult trading at that value. Long term I do think Jones > Howard though. I think it’s another hit losing Robinson for Dede, just can’t trust any wideout in Jacksonville right now. But yes Kittle definitely big upgrade from Burton. I usually avoid big trades like this because it’s too variable with all the different parts, but if you need to shake things up, I’m not terribly opposed.

Ya I’m not a fan of Dede but that was all he was willing to throw in because he wants A Rob. I was thinking I could hopefully trade Dede right away. I love Keenan Allen but Kupp is younger and looks like Thielen light. I don’t want to overreact but also tired of my three Bears haha.

Haha ya having 3 bears is rough… I have 2 (Gabriel and Miller) and am annoyed with them lol. I’d maybe start with just Allen and Burton for Kupp and Kittle (if he’d go for just those two). You can work Howard and Robinson into other trades… but you’re giving up a lot there for Jones and Westbrook.

@MikeMeUpp any thoughts?

How do trades like this even happen? It’s pretty close to swapping teams. Whoever has the better win-loss record to date wins this trade LOL.

Ya this one got big quick. This is a dynasty league with 3 flexes and 25 people on the roster, so it’s a pretty big team.

This is a good trade for you. No idea why someone would want to stack 3 bears players, makes no sense to me. But you’re coming out with way more starting pieces than you’re giving up. Only one who isn’t an every week starter is westbrook.

That’s what I was thinking. Hopefully Aaron Jones is a stud going forward!

Sorry i just read this is for dynasty. Totally missed that part.

keenan ALlen and Cooper Kupp are definitely not a wash. I prefer allen to kupp by a pretty wide margin.

Heres the rest:

Kittle > Burton by a lot
Arob > Dede by a lot
Jones > Howard for me by a lot but by public standards, howard probably still worth more

So the trade is closer. I think you probably lose in the trade on value cause of Allen but wouldn’t hate it if you accepted.

Fair enough, I’m hoping because Dede has had a decent season I can swap him for someone who is having a down year so far. Maybe I was being impulsive but the only reason Howard was getting any work the last week is they were winning pretty heavily. And A Rob I think is a great talent, but I think they are going to spread the ball around too much for him to ever have any consistency.

Keenan is awesome and definitely the hard one to lose, but hopefully Kupp continues to be awesome and Kittle may be the best dynasty TE out there.

Here’s hoping!

Agreed on Kittle. He’s my fav TE not named Kelce/Ertz/Gronk. Redraft or dynasty, doesn’t matter.

Keenan > Kupp
Howard < Jones
Robinson > Westbrook
Burton < Kittle
3 Bears < No Bears

The question is, will Aaron Jones take a big step forward with Monty gone in GB? If he does, you barely win this trade. If he doesn’t, you lose it. Not a fan of losing Keenan. This trade is a push imo.

Also, I’ve never seen a 4 for 4 trade. Talk about a complete roster overhaul. There are so many variables!

Haha, there definitely are! For dynasty I got younger at every position so that’s at least something, and I already have someone saying they may be interested in Westbrook for Funchess so hopefully when the trade processes they still will be.

And I think I have fantasy football ADD because if my team stays the same for too long, I go a little crazy haha.