Big boy trade -- need your input!

TRADE: M.Thomas + T.Lockett + T.Coleman
ACQUIRE: CMC + B.Cooks + K.Golladay
12-team, HalfPPR

What does the #footclan think of this? Currently 4-3 and likely going 4-4 this week unless a miracle happens.

Remaining roster below:
QBs: Ryan, Winston
other RBs: M.Gordon, J.White, K.Johnson, D.Foreman (IR)
other WRs: C.Davis, C.Godwin, G.Allison, T.Gabriel, TQ.Smith
TE: Njoku

This is a bad trade for you.

Agree this is not a good trade. Cmc will be better, his workload is incredible. Only real player of significant value coming your way would be Thomas and he’s not worth what you’d be giving up.

sorry, this is i am trading AWAY Thomas/Lockett/Coleman and ACQUIRING CMC/Cooks/Golladay

In that case, I’d go for it.