Big Chubb Trade

Chubb for Mixon, Cooper, Andrews

Current team:
QB: Goff
RB: Chubb, Hyde, Michel, Samuels, Malcolm Brown
WR: Julio, Woods, Shepherd, Djax, Marvin Jones, Dede, DK
TE: Olsen

Would ultimately try to flip Andrews or sell Olsen for an RB

Leaves you super weak at RB. I agree you can flip a couple for a RB so it’s not a terrible trade at all. It would make me nervous though unless I had a second deal lined up already.

Also have the option to do Cooper and Andrews for Julio. Thoughts on that instead?

I think you should get more for Julio. Maybe instead of getting Andrews (which you don’t really need as long as Olsen is healthy), try to get a RB2?