Big Dalvin Cook Trade

A guy in my league just agreed to trade Dalvin Cook for my two RBs: James Conner and Davonta Freeman. I have decent depth in RB with a Tevin Colman and Jordan Howard tandem as my RB2’s. And I have Mattison as a handcuff.

This is a great trade right? I’m starting to second guess myself.

Generally shouldn’t trade two RBs with just “decent” depth, but you’re getting a top back. I dont hate it, but together they will likely outscore Cook ROS

I’d take that trade. Cook has been great, you have the insurance, and he’s got a great schedule ahead.

Yeah that’s the only thing that worried me was my depth.

But he just countered with Conner and Lockett instead of Freeman, which eases my running back depth issue. I have a bunch of WRs to work with so I’m now locked and loaded. Thanks guys!


Nice, absolutely do the Lockett side