BIG DECISION Dynasty Trade

12 team PPR Dynasty.

Got offered Zeke for McKinnon, Guice, and he wants a WR to go with it.

The backs I have are Howard, Drake, McKinnon, Guice, Burkhead, Malcolm Brown, Latavius, and Derrick Henery

The receivers I have are Julio, Davante Adams, Kupp, Boyd, Sanders, Djax

My team is currently in 4th place at 6-4 and it’s a tight race into the playoffs. What do you all think?

I am super biased because I like Zeke. (disclaimer)

Would definitely do this. The two you’re giving away are for sure good players, but both now have injury history and it could impact their play long term. Adding in a WR makes it difficult because I feel like you shouldnt have to give much.

What WR are you thinking about adding to the offer?

Julio is 29 and has that whole contract dispute that no one is talking about since the “reworked” his contract, but I cant imagine it doesnt come up again as he’ll only have two years left and hitting FA as a 32 year old would do him no good.

Kupp just toe his ACL, never a good thing. He’s young though, so if he recovers well next year he could be a great long term guy. He might be my choice to trade if you are in Win now mode, because it looks like the other guy is rebuilding and he should absolutely bite on Kupp.

Boyd, also young and high potential, is the guy I would not trade. AJ Green is 30 and on the last year of his contract next season and looking at the other WR in Cincy I think they may let him walk. Boyd should be a commodity and i would hold him.

Sanders, 31 and also on his final year next season. Might be the best option you have to trade if you need value but not too much.

Djax - probably the best option to get rid of, but idk if your trade partner would have much interest.

Adams - young and has rodgers for a few years at least… keep him


  1. Djax (if he would take it)
  2. Sanders - this should be enough value, if it’s not then idk if i would do the trade
  3. Julio/Kupp - it’s dynasty so i lean towards keeping kupp

I wouldnt add boyd or adams unless getting something else in return.

In dynasty i think ahead, if you had Boyd, Adams, Kupp you are set at WR for a while.

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In all honesty I wasn’t gonna try to give him a receiver at all. This is so much terrific information as well and I thank you for that!

Just offer him the RBs, if he wants more throw in djax or a draft pick

I do this, but if he wants a WR with them he’s only getting DJax or maybe Boyd at the max. The other WR’s would be off limits unless you remove a RB