BIg Decision with trading connor. lmk

should i trade James connor and Jalen richard for Sammy watkins and Cam newton? Im thinking yes b/c i have alshon, ty, and shepard on bye next week. so leaves me with corey davis and cortland sutton as my 1 and 2. Cams got a great schedule coming up also…

My Team:
QB: Andy dalton
RB: James connor, Melvin Gordon, Jordan howard, Kerryon johnson, Corey clement, Jalen
WR: Alshon jeffery, TY hilton, corey davis, sterling shepard, cortland sutton

Can you get like one step up from Watkins? It’s kind of ehhh I guess right now but if it was, say, will fuller, I’d say just go for it and take the chance losing Conner. Otherwise, maybe shop Conner to bell owner, try to get Bell and shop sone Diff rb’s of yours. Or just add someone like Devontae Parker who I see having several more games like Thurs (6 rec for 123 yds).

trade went through. With Hill hurt it seems like i made the right choice based on my team. of course would love to have connor but there is a ton of risk holding him for after our fantasy trade deadline.

Honestly, I think you absolutely could’ve gotten a better WR in return, especially trading a RB1 for a QB (which I never recommend doing), but good luck to you friend.

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Connor is a RB 1…until Lev comes back, which he will. When he does i would have regretted not trading him. Everyone knows lev is coming back thats why i couldnt get Cam and a WR1 for him so i settled with a WR2 on an explosive offense, who for the next week or two is a WR1. I feel like based on my team i made the best decision since i needed a solid QB and a good WR for next week, 4 WR on bye. i will miss connor though, he was great