Big dynasty trade for MT

I was offered. Trey burton, julian edelman, Wentz, and Jamsion crowder a frist round rookie pick and a second round rookie next year. For Michael Thomas!!!
Just MT. Thoughts?

My team is lowkey stacked and set. This would be a straight depth move. Btw.

It all depends on the rookie picks. If it is early/mid round then the value is there, but some of it depends on your team needs as well. Do you need a qb? Edelman is getting up there in age and is coming off a major injury and a suspension. Is Burton an upgrade at TE? Does the other team have enough depth to lose all these players and be good? The worse he/she is, the better your picks are.

I would keep MT but I can’t say it is a bad trade if you decide to go that way.

Here’s my roster.

The rookie picks are for next year and the year after. We did our 2018 rookie already

Your team is stacked and young. I’d stand pat and maybe use some of your assets to acquire a hunter Henry to replace Olsen next year. But other than that, I would clear a spot on your mantle for a #footclan title!

BRO. I HAVE HUNTER HENRY ON MY IR :joy::joy:. just didn’t show him in my screenshots. Is wentz not worth the trade? I know i have too many qbs. I guess I see why he’s less valuable.

Imo it’s not a bad trade, but I would just stay with a known commodity in MT who is young when you don’t need those other guys. The futures are nice but you have to be the best team in your league. Wentz is nice but goff is no slouch and you have nice depth there also. Your team is set to contend now and in the future.

That’s how I felt too. It’s just hard not to jump on a trade that stacked sometimes yanno? Thanks!

No way am I making this trade. Edelman is suspended and old AF. Burton is overrated and unproven. Wentz is great but who cares, its a 1 QB league. Crowder is overhyped. At best, you have a couple depth/flex plays there. So you’re basically giving up thomas for a couple depth/bench players a 1st and a 2nd.

Zero chance I do this trade.

quality over quantity. i like crowder as depth move. he has potential to be something, i just wouldnt bank on it. you dont need another TE and burton is valued SUPER high and its really mostly not because of how he preformed as a TE, but as a QB for one play of the superbowl, edelman is just gross, wentz i like but again youre pretty stacked at QB, especially if baker is the real deal. the 1st and 2nd are nice, but it doesnt sway me. dont forget you will have to drop 3 players just to do this trade. not worth it to me.

No way i would do that.

You do not need it. Losing MT weakens your starting line-up for players adding depth on your bench. No way do I make that trade.

To give you a sense for how much MT is worth, I just gave up AJ Green, Cobb, Wilson and a 2020 3rd for him.

I overpaid slightly, but not by much. So if you want to trade MT, should be aiming for something in that range.


Albert or Russell?

Yea, I wouldn’t do it. I think Crowder has a decent year, and Wentz is good and all, but you would be giving up a top 5 WR for depth you don’t need. You have a good stable of QBs you should be able to play the matchups with, so Wentz wouldn’t be that much of an upgrade in the QB spot to give up that much in the WR spot.

Albert wilson.

Russell would be a pretty massive overpay. I was fine with slight overpay but not huge overpay. I now have a really solid core of players to go into the future with. My roster in that 12 man 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2 Flex, 1TE league is:

QB: Mariota, Big Ben, Tyrod
RB: Gurley, CMac, Kerryon, Jamaal Williams, Roc Thomas
WR: MT, Thielen, Corey Davis, Kupp, Sheperd, Sutton, Gallup, Washington, Chark, Snead, Fountain, Hollins
TE: Ertz, Everett, Gesicki

That is why I asked. Russell is an overpayment. With Albert, I think you made a good trade.