Big Dynasty Trade ( Help)

I trade Golladay and Mike Williams for Wentz, 1.4, Sterling Sheppard what you guys think of this trade
My QB is Dak and I have OBJ, A. Rob, TY Hilton are my other elite WRs

I wouldn’t do this trade. I’m not big on Wentz, so I would try to find a different qb to target. I like Golladay and Mike Williams and I think you could target a different qb, but that’s just my opinion

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That is the worst trade in the history of all trades.


@MikeMeUpp it’s not that bad I prefer Golladay and Williams but I’m pretty sure I could flip that 1.4 for a superstar with the right package of picks

Oh crap my bad. I didn’t register the 1.4. I usually type 1.04. Sorry about that. This is not the worst trade in the history of all trades. I will say, if you got the 1.03 instead, that would have made a slight difference.

Having said all that, unless this a SF league, this trade is still favors golladay/williams. If I was doing a rookie draft and Golladay was in the pool, I would probably take him with the 1.01. Only one I’d consider taking ahead of golladay is maybe Harry depending on landing spot.

Then Williams I prefer to shepard as well.

I would try to get somebody who isnt sterling sheppard. That guy seems like he has zero value in a post Golden Tate world. And even then, I don’t know. I really like both Kenny G and Big Mike W too.

Don’t like the trade to be honest. Kenny G and mike both are up for a boost.

1.04 this draft mehh. Dont like it too much compared to what you gave away. Wentz is nice but not to nice, could have drafted kyler murray this year.

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I think the easiest way to look at this is side by side-
Golladay > Sheppard and the 1.04 (I actually like Sheppard so its closer to me than others)
Mike Williams > Wentz (I think Wentz will be a consistent top 10 guy with a few top 5 years in his career but Williams could be a consistent WR2 for years which to me is more valuable)