Big Dynasty Trade Help!

Prior to my dynasty rookie draft, I’m being offered the 1.01 (Josh Jacobs) and OJ Howard for my 1.11 and George Kittle. I need help at RB and Dynasty ranks for TE have OJ and Kittle only a few spots apart. Should I take this deal??

That is a very even trade. If you need the RB help and it fills a positional need for you, I’d take the deal.

ALthough not sure what dynasty ranks you’re using but Kittle and Howard aren’t remotely in the same neighborhood in value.

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I thought the UDK had Kittle and OJ Howard back to back in Dynasty ranks… maybe I looked wrong.

Back to back in TE rankings maybe? That’s totally different than being back to back in terms of value. After Kittle is a huge tier drop. If you were to rank top 200, I would guess there’s at least a 3-4 round gap between Kittle and OJ Howard.

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To be honest I wouldn’t take that trade, yes OJ is going to do well but not NEARLY the same as Kittle, and your 1.11 will probably net you a decent player however the RB depth from this Rookie is not as amazing. The Josh Jacobs is a good idea but you are banking on a lot, with an Oakland Running back.
The Oakland office to me doesn’t really produce they have had Doug Martin and Marshawn Lynch, which yes are OK Running backs but not nearly worth a rookie 1.01.

I would hold off but thats imho

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Lynch was a high end RB2 and borderline RB1 in half the weeks he played and was healthy and he was 900 years old.

Josh jacobs is clear RB1 from a talent perspective and was drafted in the first round. If you look historically, RBs drafted in the 1st round see on average 280-300 touches, even ones that have no talent (i.e. trent richardson) and are immediately fantasy relevant. I’ll take that with the 1.01 of the rookie pick all day every day.

Oakland doesn’t produce great receivers but Gruden has historically produced very relevant fantasy RBs.

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I would take the trade, kittle might not even be as involved in the offense as the team around him gets healthy, and jacobs is going to be an instant impact rb2 floor. OJ howard was killing it last year while healthy and jamies loves the TE’s. Take the trade friend

Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated!

So he backed out on initial offer… Now he’s doing 1.01 and OJ Howard for Kittle and my 1.11 and 2.11… still good deal?

I don’t deal with people that back out of deals after accepting. They’re scum. Even though the new deal is still fine in my eyes, I don’t even deal with them out of principle cause it sets the precedent for them to just keep abusing that after you say yes. When dealing with people like that, my advice is don’t tell them anything or give a response. Tell them if they are making an offer, to send the trade on whatever platform you’re using so you can just click accept and not give them chance to back out.