Big Dynasty Trade that I am getting slack for

I just made a trade and got some slack for the trade from some friends. They think I overpaid but here is the trade:

I gave away:
Melvin Gordan
Devonta Freeman
Sammy Watkins
Next Years 1st round

I got:
David Johnson
Jordan Howard
Robby Anderson
Next Years 2nd round

The league is .5PPR and .25 per carrier. We start 1 QB 3 RB 3 WR 1 TE 2 Flex 1 D 1 K
My roster post-trade looks like:
Starting Roster:
Drew Brees
Todd Gurley
David Johnson
Jordan Howard
Adam Thielen
Golden Tate
Nelson Agholor
Jordy Nelson
Carlos Hyde

Marlon Mack
Ty Montgomery
John Ross
Corey Coleman
Charles Clay
Philip Rivers
Tyler Lockett
Mohamed Sanu
LeGarrette Blount
Tylor Gabriel
Antonio Gates

You probably overpaid a bit but end of the day I think its fine since you got one of the top 3 players at the position who’s still young. I mean in dynasty, you don’t necessarily have to win every trade as long as it betters your roster.

And Howard is getting so much hate this year but I am actually targeting him in leagues. Especially in your format where you get points for carries.

Honestly don’t mind the trade.

However given your roster, you need a lot of help at WR. Watkins could have been that potential lottery home run for you so now you going to have to find another way.

You will have a hard time finding a bigger DJ fan than me, but I think this is a significant overpay (full disclosure, you also won’t find much of a bigger Howard non-believer than me).

Thanks for the feedback. I know I am short at WR with a few players that could become amazing or kill me. Both of the Nelsons, Anderson could be great or could be absent because of off the field stuff. locket could have his year or just be the same old guy. I am hoping to find a few players here and there that are values.

The way I saw the trade was it split in half. I got a Top 3RB and someone who could be a top 12RB for two guys who are top 12 and possibly top 5RB. In that I think I won. Ok the other half I gave up a WR that could be a boom or bust in a new offense with a “rookie” QB. And I got back someone who has shown he can be the only show in town other then ASJ. And then I swapped a 1st for a 2nd rounder. I think I win the first half pretty handlely but then lost the second half by a good bit. All in all I think I am better for it.

It’s you’re team, so ultimately it’s your opinion that matters, but I’d rather have Gordon and Freeman than DJ and Howard, even considering that I have DJ as the clear best of that foursome. I have Freeman and Gordon as top 7 backs and don’t have Howard in my top 15.

I also think Watkins is far and away more valuable than Anderson and the 2nd rounder.

I’d say Melvin Gordon is a top half RB and I’d say you sold Freeman on the cheap after a down year. I expect him and falcons in general to bounce back this year. So I think really you gave up 2 RB1s (6-10 range), to get a top 4 RB and an RB2 who is potentially a low end RB1 in your 0.25 points per carry format if everything goes his way.

And then you definitely lost on the WR side cause you got Anderson who is in a murky situation in a horrible offense for Sammy Watkins who is a potential WR1/2 in a top flight offense if he wins out Tyreek hill. Although it remains to be seen if he can do that cause Hill is actually a pretty good receiver as is.

And then you gave up the 1st for a 2nd rounder so obvious hit there as well.

Not sure if you really or clearly “won” in any aspect of the trade but I mean, sometimes in dynasty you wanna go for your guys and if you overpay then you overpay.