Big Keeper Dilemma..PLEASE HELP!


I can keep three players in my keeper league (12 team PPR) and use them as my early draft picks. I have Leveon Bell, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffery, and Brandin Cooks.

Who do I keep?

Should I just keep two and start drafting in the 3rd round? Or keep all 3 and start drafting in the 4th?




In your situation I’d keep Cooks.

really the question is between Jeffery and Cooks or start drafting in the 3rd. Without knowing who else is already kept, i think id just keep Bell and Julio. if you really want to keep 3 id choose Cooks over Jeffery

Yea, its tough to think who is going to be available. Obviously the top WR and RBs would be gone. I was thinking to drop someone and go after mixon or another RB


If you want Cooks, you’ll have to keep him. He will likely be gone in round 2. I’m not too sure about him myself, he’s a feast or famine type player but there’s a chance (even if minute) that he becomes the focal point of one of the most consistent offenses in the NFL.

Thanks, Henry. Do you prefer cooks over Jeffery?

What do you think about getting Mixon in the 3rd or Dalvin Cook? Too soon to draft? Giving up too much for one of those rookie picks?

Thanks again

Yes. Cooks > Jeffrey and Mixon > D. Cook. IMO. Mixon is going to a better offense, and is a more versatile player.

I just start drafting in the third. I’ll take the pool odds over cooks. If he ends up being the best option, just take him back and you are at square one.

I would keep bell and julio. Snag another good RB in the 3rd round and you will be set.