Big Keeper Question!

So I will give you the background first. It’s a 14 team, 4 player, half ppr keeper league. Standard positions. QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex.

I won last year, #footclantitle, so I pick last every round. I also traded away my first so I don’t pick until the end of the 2nd (pick 28).

Because I love to draft, I decided to trade Hunt and Shady for the first pick in the first two rounds. Needless to say I will be taking Barkley number one.

I am not looking for comment on the trade, I want advice on who I keep.

OBJ is a lock, but do I keep Fitz or Mack with the last spot considering I am not keeping any RBs.

The way I have it mocked out, I will end up with Kerryon with the 2.01. WR’s like Watkins, Corey Davis and Garcon could easily drop to the 2.14, while WRs like Crabtree, Cobb, Sanders and Fuller will be there for sure.

This is the 7th year of the league and RB’s go like crazy in the first two rounds. There is no way Mack makes it to the 2.14 at his current ranking.

If I kept Fitz I’d be lucky to get Montgomery or CJ Anderson at the 2.14 and according to my mock, they will not fall to me.

What do you guys think the best route is?

No one wants to respond to me eh? I see how it is guys!!! haha