Big Keeper Trade But Now Who To Take?

I traded my second round (13th overall) pick away for Lev Bell (keeping at 12 overall) and an additional 5th round pick. Now not picking again until 36th, 37th. Do I try to take 2 best RB’s left at that spot and wait on WR or should I take 2 WR’s and just depend on Lev to be my work horse? Do I try to take 1 RB and 1 WR? I’ve been listening to the podcast and reading the articles and everyone says WR is deep this year so how bad would it be to wait on WR to 4th, 5th, 6th rounds?

So wait, you traded your 2nd round pick for Bell? Do you have a spot in that league, geeze. It’s going to be so pick dependent on what others do idk if you can plan for anything at all honestly at this time. Just a wait and see game. Just keep looking at the ADP calculator and see who all is going in that range and then try to plan like that.

We can only keep one keeper for one year. The guy I traded for Bell kept him last year so he could not keep him again. Outside of this I had my worst season yet last season (finishing 12th after winning the championship the prior year) and had no good keepers. I traded away the 13th pick to keep arguably the best player in football at 12. Trying to develop a strategy (No WR) (Mix) (No RB) going forward is a perfectly reasonable question. I do understand it will be pick dependent on how the other league members draft (isn’t this how all drafts work…) as well as who the other 11 mangers will be keeping. I was really asking the question hoping to hear from some other owners who have already drafted and whether they found they were getting great value at WR in rounds 4, 5, and 6.

I gotcha. You are looking at someone like Landry or D Thomas for WR at that point. Jay Ajayi for RB or Alex Collins. I def like Ajayi and both WR assuming they are there

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So to clarify, you’ve got Bell at 1.12 and then pick at 2.01?

Obviously there is likely to be a handful of elite guys kept - I’d go with a 2nd RB at that point. The argument is that by selecting a WR at 2.01, you’re starting from a position of weakness at both skill positions. By the time you select again, you’re pairing both your WR and your RB with lesser players. I’d rather have high end RB’s and pair with several high upside WR’s.

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My Draft:

1.12: Lev Bell (Keeper)
2.1: (Do not have. Traded Away)
5.1: (Received in Trade)

All 4 of those are not bad options @foxlvstrng, If I load up at WR at 3.12, 4.1, 5.1, 5.12 surely I could get some trade worthy guys to upgrade my RB2 right? Or as you suggested try and snag Ajayi or Collins (Both still in a committee system correct?) at 3.12 then roll with straight WR’s after that.

Hold up… I got that backwards then… so you got Le’Veon Bell and a 5th round pick for your 2nd rounder? Geez, that’s larceny…

There’s some value at the RB position in the 5th and 6th rounds, so grabbing 2 WR’s isn’t an awful idea. Pairing a guy like Baldwin/Thielen/Cooper (assuming they weren’t kept) with a guy in the 4th like D Thomas, Fitzy, or Allen Robinson then swinging at some RB’s like Kerryon Johnson/Royce Freeman/Rex Burkhead gives you an idea of who’d be available in those rounds.

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