BIG matchup decisions

Hey footclan, I’m currently locked in first place with a playoff bye at 11-1 but I’m going up against the 2nd place team and he needs the win this week to get a playoff bye himself. Odds are we both meet in the championship if things continue like they have during the regular season so I really want to in this week and knock him out of his playoff bye making his track to championship slightly more difficult.

My Team:
QB: Rivers
RB: Zeke, A Jones
WR: Hill, Green
Flex: Sanders
TE: Kelce
D/ST: Packers
Bench: Matt Ryan, Melvin Gordon (please come back), DJ Moore, Vance, Broncos, Texans

His Team:
QB: Mahomes
RB: Hunt, CMC
WR: Hopkins, Evans
Flex: Gordon
TE: Uzomah
D/ST: Bears
Bench: Ingram, Baldwin, Cory Davis, Winston, Lions DST

I’m considering starting DJ Moore over Green. The matchup is juicy and coming off an injury + backup QB and nothing to play for has me a bit worried. Do I have the right starting lineup in?

Start moore over Aj…

Aj is amazing but new QB prob does alot of hand offs and passing to TE