Big money league AFC/NFC championship game question

Yes, we play 17 weeks but every Super Bowl on week 17 the two owners just split the money. Add/drops cost $10 per and this year its up to $970 so its financially wise to split and play for bragging rights. That said, I think I need a defense and kicker but can only add 1 more acquisition since I added Freeman last night after that blow out. Here is my roster:

Matt Ryan, Freeman, Connor, AJ Brown, M Thomas, DJ Moore, Gonzalez and Eagles defense

I think I need to get a kicker but man the Eagles defense sux. Without that TD last week they would’ve only scored 1 point. What you guys think?

BTW: Grand prize is 2k…hence why splitting the cash is the usual since we add the add/drop cash of $970 this year

Worthy Defenses on free agent list: Redskins, Colts, Texans, Rams, Buccs, Seahawks, Bengals, Jags, Broncos and Chiefs