Big money league *help*

I am trying to start a Big Money League (Big Money to me anyway). I am having trouble finding like minded plays that want to put in $250. Is any one here interested or have suggestions on where to find players?

Here are the details of the league I want to put together:
12 Team
ESPN Platform
Auction Draft
2 Flex Spots
7 player Bench
No Keeper League
No IR spot
$250 Buy-In
1st $1000
2nd $750
3rd $500
4th $250
Most Points $250

I found that closer to the season you’ll find more people interested in the big money leagues. I started one $250 last season and started posting here about 1 month before season started. Keep reposting with # spots left etc. ESPN isn’t ideal since a lot of people use Sleeper here, maybe consider the move. I also found that folks willing to spend $250 didnt want the pot split up too much, consider dropping 4th place prize and make 3rd prize $250.

Keep in touch if you move to Sleeper.