Big multi trade for Fournette

10 man .5 ppr

Traded mixon, Ty Montgomery and ASJ for fournette.
Picked up rob Kelly and deonte Thompson off waivers

Here’s the rest of my team…was the trade worth it?
Qb Dak
Wr Bryant, Crabtree, Alshon, diggs, Corey Davis
TE Reed
RB gurley, Martin, freeman, Derrick Henry
Def is whatever, but currently Seahawks.

I feel like it was a good move but any feedback?

So the best player you gave away is mixon and nobody knows when he’ll be good for fantasy (due to a bad o-line and terrible coaching), so let’s say he’s an average fantasy asset, montgomery isn’t worth much because of aaron jones and bad offense (without rodgers), but especially thanks to aaron jones. ASJ isn’t more than an average startable fantasy TE… so basically you gave only away average players and got a superstar, a top 4 RB rest of season. its a phenomenal trade for you. if someone offers me 3 average player to get one top player - i reject the trade instantly :smiley: unless i am desperate and really need depth but even then i want more than only average. you have also depth on RB but you could need a top WR. Maybe try to trade freeman for AJ green, Julio or evans for example, shouldn’t hurt you much on RB as you have fournette, gurley and martin, but you would be much better on WR.

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Good deal for you. I agree with above, maybe try moving an RB for a stud WR if you can