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BIG Odell trade!


Should I trade Odell for Matt Ryan and Doug Martin?
I’m streaming QbS and have Parker Tate and thieland
I have Hunt Gore Crowell and Henry ,
Is this a good trade for me?


I’d try and move him for a better RB and keep streaming QBs.


Thanks ill try and see what we can work out lol I’m 4-0 already


If I was the other person in this trade getting Odell for Ryan and Martin I would be ecstatic. Martin has had one good game against a pretty awful defense and you can stream QBs that will get you Matt Ryan numbers. Please don’t do this trade.


Giving up that much value for a qb (whose value dropped) and a rb with 1 game in… I would advise against it.

Having said that, I’m a martin owner and can’t wait for him to become an rb1 for the rest of the year


agreed. too much value giving away Odell. martin did look good, but the streaming of the QB is a fine play. No need to make a drastic move like this, especially if you are 4-0! LOL.


Well now I traded thieland and Henry for him and maclin so how’s that trade?


For doug and maclin? I say you absolutely won my friend. At the very least a reliable flex.