Big QB Trade

Im in a 4 keeper league and am in a playoff spot currently. I have Alex Smith and Deshaun Watson. I was planning on keeping Watson for a 15th rd pick (he was undrafted), but was offered Carson Went for Watson straight up. Wentz could also be kept for a 15th rd pick next year but could help out my team this year, should i do it? or does Watson have that much potential that i keep him

I would take that if I were you. Wentz seems to be in a really good situation with the Eagles right now. Watson probably has a higher ceiling being so good on his feet, but Wentz seems to have a pretty high floor going forward.

for sure do it. you play to win whenever you can, and sounds like you can this year and wentz could help you. I think wentz’s skill set has a higher chance of long term success than watson (players who create time for themselves to make plays are great until they get hit too much)

Do it! I hope you are still in the playoff running. I think he can take you to the promised land!