Big time KEEPER question- pick two

I get 3 keepers. I am for sure keeping Joe mixon in the 2nd.
OPTIONs for the other two picks:
Round 1: Tyreek Hill (plan to let him go)
Round 4: DJ Moore (not reallly planning on looking at this pick)
Round 10: George Kittle
Round 11: Calvin Ridley
Round 12: AJ Brown
Round 16: Devante Parker

I have all but locked AJ Brown in as my 2nd keeper.
Kittle vs. Ridley vs. Devante parker is the real question…

I’d take Kittle with the 3rd.

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Something to note: we dont have a designated TE position.
we have 3 WR/TE positions. I think he still might be the right choice.

Even with no designated TE position I think Kittle is probably still the best value for your third keeper.