Big time lineup advice pick 2 of these 3

Damien Williams at Seattle ty at home against the giants and diggs at Detroit?? I’m projected to win slightly. Already have cook and Gordon locked in and Adams as my wr1. Only leaves room for two of these guys who ya got? I’m leaning towards Williams as an auto start after his last two weeks and Hilton has been the second best receiver in fantasy the last 5 weeks. But I haven’t benched diggs all season something doesn’t seem right about it

Benching any of those guys is a luxury most of dont have after all of the injuries. Congrats on your roster. You cant lose with any of them. With Cousins back to life I’d bench ty

Man I appreciate the vote of confidence I’m just nervous. Gordon only put up 12 today but Keenan didn’t do anything for him either so that’s good. With that in mind does that change your decision to bench ty at all?

I’d stick with your plan of benching Hilton in this group but I honestly think they are all 3 in the same tier so you can’t go wrong. You’re looking at upside at this point and I can see both IND and MIN leaning on the run today. Diggs better chance to score.

My only worry with diggs is that he’s been td dependent the last few weeks if he doesn’t score it’d be dud games. I can’t afford a 5 for 40 and no td game. Hilton although he doesn’t score as much always brings the yardage which to me is a safe floor. He always has that 40 yard bomb. Plus he doesn’t have thielen stealing catches . Tough call

I went with Hilton and it was a great call for me to win the chip!