Big time mistake or a tiny one?

I accepted a trade offer few days ago… I gave A. Isabella for Ronald Jones (Dynasty league).

But when the trade was confirmed on both sides… I saw that i didn’t look good at it and i also gave my 2nd 2020 round …

Big time mistake or no ???

It depends on your opinion of RoJo. I personally think, he’s never going to be more than a backup. Next year has solid backs coming in based off current projections, I figure bucs invest in one of them and kick barber to the curb.
Now to answer your question what size league and where do you think you’ll finish?

I’m not buying into the value of either of the cards wr rooks this year, as they will be battling for the #3 spot behind fitz and kirk. Still, personally I would much rather have one of the cards receivers than rojo. so overall i think you’ve lost this with or without the pick

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Thx a lot for your very precise answer.

It’s a 12 team league (i already have Anderson the rookie Rb this year for the bucs) and i really think RoJo will have a starting job this year… But maybe giving a WR rookie with good upside and 2nd round was a bit 2 much in a dynasty format…

It’s an overpay to trade Isabella and a 2nd for Rojo.

I think Isabella is going to be the next Godwin. He’ll show glimpses in 2019 and than HYPE TRAIN 2020!

lI guess it is a lesson learned!

Lesson learned… It was my first time on this new fantasy plateform… I went to quick for the click… :sweat_smile::confused: