Big Time Trade ( Dynasty )

Karma or Gordon Melvin
Alex Collins
Penny Rashaad
Marvin Jones

If its Melvin Gordon and Collins for CMC, Penny, and Jones; I’d rather have the CMC side. And, thats really hard to admit because I’m a HUGE believer in Melvin, I think he’ll be top 5 or 6 this year. But:

Melvin = CMC (in dynasty and PPR because of youth)
Collins << Penny
Nothing << Marvin Jones

I would hesitate a bit if it had to be Karmara because he’s so young and should explode in the first 4 weeks.

Its close; but, if its Gordon and not Kamara, I’d rather have the side with CMC, Penny and Jones

Agree…I wwon it last year so I’m trying to go back 2 back
My rbs could be.
I mite just do it with Melvin

thats a tough one. penny isnt proven yet, also has a wet papertowel for an o line, CMC isnt THE guy for the panthers with CJ there but he will be a valuable PPR guy, and marvin jones is just solid. because its dynasty and collins probably wont be the starter for more than a year his value is pretty low in dynasty i would say. at least to me. then there is melvin gordon. a god damn undervalued stud. its just tough, but i do think i side with the CMC side. CMC and Jones are valuable enough to be a trade just for gordon. its close and tilts in favor of who ever gets gordon, but then you compare collins to penny and its penny by a damn mile. its just not a trade i feel all warm and gooey with. but getting youth at RB and a WR2 out of it, and then MORE youth at RB… yeah just cant pass it up for dynasty. even though im all about not overvaluing youth, but this is solid proven youth, and 1 unproven guy.

Man well said .Gave me more to think about .Cuz Melvin is a monster and he going to be for years to come.It’s just tempting to add some real good RBs at that age

Wait, you currently have : Kamara / Gordon / Hunt / Collins?

If I got that roster correct, IMHO you do not trade. Borrowing from @BusterD - CMC is part-time at least this year with CJA there, and might just be that role regardless. Penny is unproven and I personally think Carson is a bigger challenge than people think. M Jones is admittedly a good pick up.

Hunt, Gordon and Kamara are all very likely to be top 10. That is huge. Collins is far better than people think and was fantastic in BAL coming in mid-season. He is also young (23) but has NFL experience in SEA and BAL. There is no reason to think he is going to be bad and we have no off-season moves to alter that.

I could see adding some depth if those are your entire roster, but you already have proven youth and studs at that. I definitely do not make this trade.

If the above roster I mentioned is incorrect…well then my post is useless mostly except for my insights on players, what ever that is worth :wink: